Workshop This Friday August 7th, At 10AM PST, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern…

Start Your Own Side Hustle Without Any Ideas Or Experience & Find Freedom Fast,
Without The Fear Of Failure,

In This Live 3 Hour Workshop

Force Yourself Into Action. Get Live Mentoring & Accountability With An Experienced Entrepreneur For 3 Hours. Every Question Will Be Answered.

You’ll Perform The 3 Most Important Skills Needed To Start A Successful Side Hustle, And Stay Financially Safe For The Rest Of Your Entire Life… Even During A Pandemic

When COVID hit, it cratered many businesses overnight.

So they closed 🙁

What does this mean? A business could fail at any moment. No one is fully safe. The safety of a business is but an illusion. 

Do not wish for a successful business. Businesses can be wiped out.

Instead, wish for the skills to rapidly start them. Specifically the skills to find ideas, sell ideas, and outsource expertise. And Wish For The Skills To Do It Fast. This is where the real money and freedom is.


With These 3 Skills Mastered, You Will Be Free & Safe Forever.

It’s much simpler and stress free when you keep your focus on these 3 skills. And you can come and perform them in 3 hours.

This workshop will help you bust the deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make…


Here Are The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Success In Business

People Looking To Their Expertise, Skills, or Passions.

This requires you to spend time in the business for it to grow. This requires you to be the expert. But experts are not free entrepreneurs. You get stuck trading time for money with another endeavor.

Free entrepreneurs learn amazing strategies to find expertise and keep most of the business and work less and make more. Come learn how to leverage others’ expertise.

People Looking At Ways To Make Money.

Most people don’t want to hear what I’m about to say here. The uncomfortable truth about making money is that it requires vulnerability to generate an enormous income in a deeply fulfilling way. Most of us are not willing to be vulnerable with another human.

The most reliable way to make money online is by helping others solve a real problem, not from “finding a method to earn income.”

When you focus on helping people, your income is unlimited. But this requires vulnerability and courage.

How do you help them? How do you find problems? And how do you solve the problems you find? Come learn to do this.

People Who Skip Learning Sales.

Let me say this plainly. If you do not learn sales, you will forever be dependent on those who can sell for the rest of your life. Selling is not as brutal as our brains make it out to be. It can be as simple as, “Will this solve your problem? Would you be open to paying for it?” That’s it.

Entrepreneurs start from scratch without much of anything. They do that by learning the biggest skill an entrepreneur ever needs. Sales. Sales is the linchpin skill you need to be successful in entrepreneurship. 

Most ignore, so most fail. Linchpin means everything hangs on this one skill.

But sales is extremely scary, uncomfortable, and foreign. How do you sell with a full heart and without fear of rejection? Come practice this and learn to sell with heart and humility firsthand.


In This Very Simple Workshop, You Will Be Forced to Create A Business Over 3 Hours With Tremendous Support, Care, and Accountability.

A 16 Year Old Now Generates $1,900 Per Month After Attending This Workshop…

A 26 Year Old Generated A $383 Sale After This Workshop…

A Gentleman From Africa Generated His First $200 After Attending This Workshop…


You Will Leave With A Business Idea In Hand Or The Skills To Start One.

Here’s How The Workshop, Works.

Hour 1: You will watch me conduct the process live with a stranger, without a safety net for myself. You’ll see the entire process, you’ll might see me fail and pivot on the fly. Then I’ll teach you what I did.

Hour 2: You’ll do the process yourself and start finding ideas.

Hour 3: You’ll practice selling the ideas you’ve found in a safe environment.


The Three Skills You Will Practice

Skill 1
The 5 Question Process For Finding Great Business Ideas

Skill 2
Using Copy & Paste Sales Letter Templates To Sell Your Product

Skill 3
The Simple Selling Script To Sell With A Full & Humble Heart

You will get all of these files to keep at the end of the workshop.
You will get a recording you can keep for life.


Who Is This Instructor?

Dane Maxwell was scammed for $12,000 and devastated when he tried starting one of his first businesses. He was stuck living in his parents basement with $123 to his name.

From desperation, he used these three skills to become free faster than he ever thought possible. He failed over 16 times to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Today he has over 15 students who are now millionaires, and his software companies provide wonderful results for his customers and income for his family around the clock.

Dane owns,, and

You can always say hi at


Get These Epic Bonuses.

After attending the workshop, you’ll get three bonuses to take the training further.

Bonus 1
See How Steve Made $22,000 During COVID Using The Three Skills.

Bonus 2
Two, See How Eric Made $1,000 During COVID Using The Three Skills.

Bonus 3
25 Minute “How To Outsource Your Ideas.” I’ll Show You How To Outsource Your Idea To Get Built!

These three bonuses will be sent free as gifts after the training to deepen your understanding! Both Steve and Eric used the three skills to make money with a side hustle.

Note, spots are limited to 150 so that we can deliver a quality experience to each person, and answer every single person’s questions…


What’s The Price?


One Time

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To ensure a high quality experience for every member, we ask that you answer a few questions first.


Once You’ve Been To A Workshop Like This, You Will Never Look At Entrepreneurship The Same Again.

Frequently Asked Questions…

So what is this about?

You’ll watch an experienced entrepreneur find an idea, write a sales letter, then sell it live. Then you will get training and actually perform the same basic actions yourself, while getting guidance and all of your questions answered. 

You will leave with a business idea in hand, or the skills to rapidly start one.

Why is this important?

Businesses are not safe, they can always be wiped out by events like COVID. Skills are where the safety lies. Learning the skills will keep you safe for the rest of your life.

Is this kid friendly?

Yes absolutely. 

Can I get the three bonus trainings before the event?

No, because they won’t make as much sense. You will get much more out of the bonus trainings after you’ve learned the skills from the workshop. Wait until the event, get the training, practice the skills, then watch the bonus training!

How can I be sure I’ll get the guidance I need?

Simply ask a question at any time, we will make sure every question is answered before the workshop ends.

Ready To Buy? Would You Like To Attend?

To ensure a high quality experience for every member, we ask that you answer a few questions first.